PiXie Baby (wubbablekitty) wrote,
PiXie Baby

I'm at Shanas.
Puck and Couch Kid just left.
Good day.
Stacy just called.
I'm panicking right now.
Hes so confused.
That makes 2 of us.
It didnt help the phone disconnected and i cant call him back.
no matter how many people are sround
i still manage to feel empty.
puck and couch kid showed up with TOM today.
It was so fucking strange.
i was like wow pucks here..
then i look whose driving
and its Tom Welsh.
haha good times.
Keith is madd at me.
I dont blame him.
I want to see all my friends that I havnt in awhile.
Jenny,Keith,Stay,Manda,Josh,Dave,Kacey,Wendy,Robby,Bren Bren,Lauren,Erin..
just everyone.
i miss them so much.
maybe thats why i feel sort of empty?
i need my lovins.
ah im so sick of reaching out for love.
it makes me sick inside thinking about it.
everyones changing so quickly.
before i know it, everythings going to be gone.
i dont want that to happen.
i dont want to feel like that.
its bad enough feeling lonely.
imagine BEING completely alone?
stacy wants me to go to his show the 29th.
i want to.
but i need a ride.
anyone want to day a trip to Conneticut?
well im outsie.
goodnight kids.
use protection!
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