PiXie Baby (wubbablekitty) wrote,
PiXie Baby

Pictures from last night,and the day before...

a little blurry.. but i swear everytime i hangout with Moira or Puck..

its good times.. I <3 Them both


In the car to bring Puck and Couch Kid to Albany...

Couch Kid..crazy Mexican

If only some of you knew.. dude my face was BURNING

At the mall before..

hugs are too good sometimes


Now these are from YESTERDAY..

I love playing dress heather up in bright colors. Shana- are they pink,or orange, or YELLOW?!?!?! mwahahaha

evil glare

bus rides are fun..

Back at Shanas..

Puck..still wearing my bracelet..

Couch kid thought it was ok to use me as his couch..

surprisingly it was comfy

So the past few days have been full of adventures.. and tommarow shall be another one. I'm going to Edgefest woo woo.. and i'm rebelling and going the second day instead of FIRST. it should be fun lauren and shana are comin along. <3

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