PiXie Baby (wubbablekitty) wrote,
PiXie Baby

I found out Puck wasnt completely telling the truth.
I talk to his Gram a lot,
she calls when she finds out something new.
Well she said he didnt turn himself in.
That he got caught in Hoosick falls because the cops know him.
I just dont see why he had to lie.
I wrote to him,
but now i have to figure out how the hell to get it to him.
I went to Shanas yesterday.
It was amusing.
We watched a movie called GOTH.
AHh it was SO bad,
yet entertaining.
It had really good music.
Liek a band called E-Race.
Crazy goth kids,
trying to prove there gothness
by killing other people.
I'm going to be goth now,
so maybe i have an excuse to kill the whole human race.
Now thats a plan!
Me and Dave are going to make cookies,
for Pucks grandma!
Shes so nice.
But knowing she cant help her grandson,
is killing her.
I hope shes okay.
I hope Pucks okay.
Justin says he wants to come with me when i visit.
I dunno about that.
I want to talk to Puck alone.
Even tho we wouldnt be able to talk completely alone.
I miss him =(
I miss a lot of people still.
I wonder what Jenny has been up to.
I'm sure she could careless about me anymore though.
Shes got Poole.
Well time for summer school
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