PiXie Baby (wubbablekitty) wrote,
PiXie Baby

I just got back from dinner with my mom.
She told me some news.
My mom is selling her salon,
therefor she wont be owning her own business now.
I knew this was going to happen,
shes not making any money out of it.
Shes breaking even.
I mean, with Niagra Mowhawk, phone bills, credit card machine,etc..
theres no profit.
BUT she is NOT giving up hairdressing.
Damn, shes too good at it!
She will be working at Hair Studio One in Glenmont.
She will be starting in August,
because the shop will be closing sometime in September.
They hired her on the spot,
which was cool.
She doesnt have to pay for the supplys or anything,
and she makes 43%,
which is good.
So now we get to do our weekly shopping trips,
and not be guilty about spending dads money.
So kids that love my mom,
shes even closer now!
And it wasnt only becasue of her not making much money,
it was also becasue the neighborhood has gone to shit.
Mobil was robbed last week, and then hollywood video the same day,
then the next day,the same guy robbed Mobil.
This is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my moms shop,
and now crazy asian male prostitues got busted down the street
at a nail salon!
They had a ring of asian male prostitutes,
WORKING and FINDING CLIENTS at there own nail salon!
Americas the land of oppertunity right?
Damn, look at our asians!
Their turning into prostitutes,
when their so intelligent!
And i noticed,
asians are usually really small,
well the american diet seems to be catching up to them now!
I feel sorry for them.
Well i learned something really useful today in Biology.
How to succesfully slit someones throat!
I swear our teacher is insane.
Hes a good man that Doctor Howard.
Yes he is.
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