PiXie Baby (wubbablekitty) wrote,
PiXie Baby

Hey everybody.
Being supervised 24/7 is this shizznizzle.
so all i do is sleep.
sleep sleep sleep.
and sneak online.
and smoke my marbs.
and watch movies.
I'll be around for at least another week.
If I dont fuck up that is.
I miss everyone..
even the ones who just pretend to care.
James came and visited..
it was nice.
We cuddled.
I felt loved.
And heres a note for the people that are so worried::

If you are worried, then call and see how I'm doing.
Dont fucking go around asking other people what happened.
And if you really dont care, then stop acting worried.
I dont need sympathy, i need true friends.
And i swear, i have very few of them, if any right now.

I'm so sick of hearing how worried people are,
but they dont call to check up,
or even just to say hi.

Well I'm off.. <x3
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