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Hey Kids. I have the internet back, until my dad finds out my mom let me have it again. Everythings been going pretty damn good. I'm working at K Fart and going to Votech for Cosmetology.

TOday was fucking awesome. I went to my first hair show at the Egg, Fashion Focus 2004. Paul Mitchell's show was the best of course. I cant wait until i go to the City for my next one. Word.

Schools going good so far. I like votech.. But i miss my friends. Well, the ones that talk to me rarly, or only say hi to me when they see me in the halls. But whatever. I'm making new ones which is cool.

Things are going good at home for now.. i should be getting my license soon which would work well so i can get out of this hell hole of a town..

Boys suck by the way.

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