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warning: picture OVERLOAD.

Was just looking through my old photobucket.

my,my how we have all changed.


I miss my chubby cheeks :(


I no longer talk to half these people.. yet, they are always still with me.

They've taught me everything I know, and have helped me figure myself out.

Some things i learned:

1) Washington Park is an escape from reality.

2) Drugs arnt.

3) Love is what you make it.

4) Cherish what you have, when you have it.

5) You have to be happy with yourself, before you can be happy with anyone else.

6) Love can be a mask for lust.

7) Love can make you think your something else.

8) Boys are ment to break hearts, men fix them up.

9)No matter how much you physically change, your imperfections will still show.

10) Dont give up on love.

11) Love ISNT enough.

12) If a boy cares about you enough, he'll even wear the rainbow bracelets you make him.

13) When in the presense of good friends anything can happen..even Double Rainbows!

14) Mexicans that sleep on couch can cause the most fun.

15) Avoiding problems = a terrible relationship.

16) No matter how hard you try, you cant pretend to love someone.

17) Good friends stand next to you at the toilet on your birthday when you feel cant even stand your so drunk

18) Never take drugs, and attempt to walk around a mall and think people wont notice.

19) Hes a keeper when he still holds you even though your so trashed you dont know who he is.

20) Bombers is like a second home

21) You'll never, ever, forget your first love..and if you do, it wasnt love.

..theres way to much more to continue here, but i'll save it for another boring, lonesome night.

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