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I'm Back!

Hello to the world of LiveJournal! Its been forever since I've had one of these. I decided it was best to start a new one, and just leave my old one be. Its so weird starting fresh again. But here it goes. A new year. A new journal.

My new years eve was a blast. I spent it with tons of friends at J Pratts apartment. Huge house party and basement show. Drank a ton and asked Nick to be my boyfriend again. Ha! Alcohol makes me ballsy.
Things are looking good. I'm happy me and Nick are back together. We are amazing together. Hopefully we'll get another apartment.
Besides that, nothing much has changed. I'm job hunting like a motherfucker. I'm going to quit getting wasted all the time. And I'm a vegetarian again. These are my goals for the new year. I'm ready to do something with myself.
YaY 2008!
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